Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Job Ever!

Gee whiz!  Time flies by when you're having fun!
Life is pretty perfect right now.  I absolutely love my job.  Instead of dreading Monday I actually look forward to it.  My students have kept me pretty busy.  They're really sweet (for the most part, they are 7th graders) but my goodness are they LAZY or maybe I should say uninspired.  I've never had a problem with getting stations going in my classes but the majority of these kids aren't mature enough or motivated enough to work in groups on their own without me babysitting them.  It gets a little frustrating at times.  It would be a lot easier if they had just a little bit of initiative.  Hopefully we'll get there.  They will be starting a new project this next 6 weeks in which they have to create their own videos of modeling math and then they have to upload it on our class blog.  I'm hoping that will get them working on their own without being so stinkin' needy.
I'm working with the world's greatest 7th grade teachers.  I love them.  It's so nice having people to plan with that are organized, hard workers, and know what they're doing.  Also, planning for only one grade is so much better than planning for 3.  I don't do work over the weekend and that is super nice.
I work for the most incredible boss.  He's already done my PDAS evaluation and it wasn't nerve racking at all.  In the past I would watch my evaluator make facial expressions that I didn't know how to read which made me super nervous.  The new boss man had his laptop up doing my PDAS but for the most part he was on his iphone texting and reading e-mails.  Its so great knowing that he trusts us and he only wants what is best for the kiddos and he knows that what we want.
The first 6 weeks have been pretty busy getting all the lesson plans, technology stuff, and just school stuff in place.  I think the rest of the semester should be pretty smooth.
I'm so glad I'm back at my "home" school.  Of course there will always be drama and crazy coworkers but those are now few and far between.

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