Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I mean to update, I really do

Thanksgiving came and went and I haven't stopped going since.  Boo!  I've been meaning to update so many things but I haven't made the time.

-Matthew finished his lego set.   It took 17 hours.  Pictures to come.  It is still connected but hiding in the office.  Someday we'll make a trip to Ikea to see if we can find some shelves we can put it on in the office.  If not, he's agreed to take it apart and put it back together next Christmas

-The Baylor vs Texas Tech game was INCREDIBLE, especially for this girl who grew up in Raider Land (Lubbock) and is the only person in her family to not attend a single semester at Tech.

-A few Christmas Decorations

-Rough start back to school.  The week long break is nice but it doesn't do any good for the kiddos or teachers.

-My asthma doctor won't sign off on the medical form for me to start a half marathon training.  Boo.  But, if I can get things under control, he will sign off on the 201 class which builds the milage from a 5k.

- Angie's wedding shower is this weekend!  Yay!

-Mom is coming into town for the shower! Yay!  I'm sooooo glad that she can also call Angie and her mom friends.

-My 3rd period class is the only class that doesn't have a single kiddo failing!  Yay!  This class used to be my lowest but is now my highest and even though they're high maintenance, I love them and am super proud of their hard work.

-I really just want to spend an entire day in silence, meditating on the Word.