Sunday, January 29, 2012


I can't run out in the cold without a mask.  Doctor's orders.  The mask I had wasn't working out for me so I bought two buffs!  The wool one is green and the other one is purple.  They're pretty amazing.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Blog

I don't know why I'm so bad at updating.  I think about doing it often but I never do.  So here's a long blog devoted to the 2011 Holidays
Matthew turned old, again, received a great present and we stayed at home for Thanksgiving.  I posted pics of his birthday present but never the final project.

That's right.  This sucker is over 4 ft long.  Matthew said he would tear it down and put it back in the box until next year but he hasn't done that yet.  And yes, he likes to carry it around the apartment and make flying and shooting noises.  I married a 12 year old.  

Vanessa had her baby

The parents came in town for the Baylor and Tech game and guess who won???  That's right, Baylor did.  It was such a sweet victory for this Baylor Bear that grew up in Raider Land.  My mom sported her Baylor Colors, even though she wore a Tech shirt but dad can never root against Baylor.  He wore his Tech gear proud.
 Pickles, my mom's new dog came.  He's cute but he is all puppy. 

Chris Melton, a Baylor/Truett friend got married.

Do you see that Ally's shoes, Chris's new step-daugheter, match the bridesmaid dresses.  How cute is that?

Mom came into town for Angie's Wedding shower and we watched RG3 win the Heisman Trophy.
No Pictures here, sorry.

We had a Peck Christmas dinner with the Pecks.  I was so relieved to find out that my mother in law loved (or at least approved of) my gift to her.  Turns out she enjoys Orgins scrubs.  Amy gave me the book, Born To Run by Christopher McDougall and an REI gift card.  So sweet of her.

My nephew, Ethan, trying on Aunt Beth's new cowboy boots.  

Bachelorette/Ladies night out for Angie.  We went to Painting With a Twist then to Cru Wine Bar for dinner.  I don't know what happened to all of the pictures.  I'm so glad I sat next to Angie at PWT.  We were by far the least creative people there.  The teacher had to come help us out with our paintings several times.  Someone else has the pictures from Painting With a Twist.  Look how beautiful, classy, and romantic our room at Cru was!

We went to Lubbock for Christmas and the weather was fantastic!  It snowed all day Christmas Eve and Christmas day but it was never icy.
I received several gift cards to RunOn and REI and Matthew bought me the Nook Color Tablet.  I love my Nook!  I wasn't sure how I would like it but it is fantastic.  Also, my mom bought my dad and I two plane tickets to San Francisco this June.  Why, you ask?  Well to see Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, or Phil Mickelson to win the U.S. Open!!  I'm soooo excited to go to the US Open and I love that its just a father-daughter trip.
I enjoy getting and giving gifts but I would be okay if we didn't do the gift giving thing, to family members anyways.  I'm so thankful that for us, Christmas isn't about the gifts.  No wonder people get so stressed out, they're working so hard to please others and get the perfect gifts.  I'm so thankful that Christ came to save.

We left Lubbock the day after Christmas to spend 2 days in Dallas then we were off to Galveston for Angie's Wedding Festivities.  We watched the Baylor bears win at the Alamo Bowl!!!  Holy moly was that a stressfull game.  The wedding was beautiful.  She got married at the Hotel Galvez.  We were hoping to get pictures on the beach but the fog was crazy!  We were right across the street from the beach but it was so foggy we couldn't see it.  The fog never let up but I know the pictures will turn out beautiful anyway.  The wedding went great.  After the ceremony, Angie looked at her new wedding band and noticed that one of the diamonds had fallen out!  Ahhh!!  So we had family members, the wedding party, and the staff looking for this little diamond and someone found it!  It was so crazy.  She gave it to me to hold on to until she got back and I didn't lose it.  I was pretty proud of myself.

 Rum and Coke before the wedding!

 Matthew's not drunk, just really bored and exhausted.  Happy New Year!
Leaving Galveston.  We had to drive by an old cemetery which meant that Matthew had to hold his breath so that he wouldn't breathe in any ghosts.  

We left for Dallas the next day and I had to be back to work on Monday.  It was a really busy holiday.
This week we started our new running class.  I wanted to do the 15K but I have a bad case of bronchitis and right now I can't handle running that far in the cold.  I'll just stick to the 5K class now and then start training for a long run in the spring.  Stupid asthma.
 This is how I have to run until it gets warmer.  Cool, huh?

Joey is glad to be back home.  We won't be leaving town for awhile now.