Saturday, April 27, 2013

Girls on the Run

Today was the Girls on the Run 5k!  The weather was perfect, our tutus were the best, the girls did fantastic, and we all had a lot of fun.  This year I have really enjoyed being a coach for Girls on the Run at school.  We have some amazing girlies that I know will soon become exceptional young women.  I hope to have the opportunity to be a coach in Seattle.
What exactly is Girls on the Run?  Find out here!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Ready . . .

I haven't taken the time to blog.  I wanted to blog about the Rock-n-Roll Half with my bestie and then the Willie McCool 5k with the family but I haven't time.  The only thing on my mind right now is school.   Lately, school has been a near nightmare.   It is draining every last bit of energy that I have.  This year has been a rough year.  Once I'm not employed I might share some stories.  Right now, I'm just thankful that I've learned to become queen of documentation :)  Add on the Boston Marathon bombing and West explosion hitting way too close for home.  I had friends run in Boston (they're okay) and a friend's family lives in West and were devastated by the bomb, physically they're okay.  

I've really struggled focusing on the positives in my life and our new adventures of moving out of God's country.  When I was in Lubbock for the 5-k, my dad mentioned that he wanted a coffee mug with all of our pictures of our move to Seattle on it.  So now I really have to make sure I document, or at least just take pictures of us from now until whenever I need to order the mug for christmas  :)
I'm really excited about moving to Seattle but I just get overwhelmed when I think of the cost and energy of moving.  I mean really, who enjoys packing and unpacking their crap, err belongings. 
Our first step in moving... we hired a moving company a couple of days ago for way too much money.
Yesterday, they delivered the moving boxes!!  Guess I know what I'll be up to on the weekends.  

  Grrrr. . .   My photos won't upload. . . .

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It is official!  We are moving to Seattle!  Matthew starts his new job on July 1st.  This is a really great opportunity for Matthew and he's so excited to start his new job.  I'm a little jealous, his office overlooks Pike's Market.  I'm expecting fresh flowers once a week :)  I'm excited too but I'm also nervous.  I've never moved this far before, my parents still live in the same house that I was born in and I've never lived more than 5 hours away from any of my family members.  Matthew on the other hand, has lived all over the place and isn't as close to his family.  I currently don't have a job yet but I've been looking.  Over the weekend I had to look up the location of every single school district in the Washington area to see which ones were in the areas that we're thinking about living.  This process of finding a new job and figuring out how we're going to get all of our stuff up there is very overwhelming but the excitement usually puts my worries to ease.  
This afternoon as I started the car, the very first thing I heard from the radio was "Fear of the future never comes from God."  The perfect thing that I needed to be reminded of.