Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Early Valentines Day!

Matthew and I aren't really the biggest fans of V-Day.  This year we have actually made nice plans with some friends of ours.  On Saturday, we are going to eat at Fogo De Chao.  We are really excited!  Matthew loves this place and I've never been.  And, we are going with some of the funnest friends.
About a month ago Matthew bought a rifle and I'm using that as my v-day gift for him :)  That was easy.
Yesterday, Matthew picked up my gift and he wanted me to open it before Saturday so I could show it off. He decided he couldn't wait that long for me to open it so I got to open it yesterday.
Those of y'all that know me know that I LOVE Baylor and I love watching all Baylor sports.  Matthew isn't really connected to such a great university and he has a hard time understanding why I still wear Baylor shirts and watch all the games.  Slowly, I am converting Matthew.  He is now willing to watch the sports with me and he even owns a Baylor shirt of his own!
Back to the gift.  This is by far the best gift ever.  I love it!  I shopped online for more outfits to go with it!
Here it is...

Fancy Baylor earrings!  The jeweler that made my pearl necklace and earrings, and my engagement ring made this just for me! They are made of green emeralds and yellow diamonds. I love it!  Earring have a tendency to fall out of my ears so the jeweler made a "hug" style earring.  Now see why I've already shopped for some new clothes just to match the earrings?  Matthew really wants me to wear them Saturday night but I don't have any warm clothes that I can wear with the earrings.  I'll see what I can do though. 

A Blah Week. Warning: I wouldn't read this if I were you

Hi, my name is Kristen and I definitely have a Type A personality.  I enjoy full busy and scheduled out days (not necessarily busy with work, I'm just a go go person that likes to have stuff going on) and sometimes, most of the time, it takes me a while to adjust to change.  With that being said this week hasn't made me feel normal.

We had a normal, easy weekend.  Matthew and I both came down with the start of a cold and by Monday my voice was barely audible.  On Monday I went to school, manage to squeak to my students and reminded them to dress in layers on Tuesday.  It is amazing how many kids will come to school in shorts when it is in the 30's and 40's.  Hello parents, are you around? 
I definitely wasn't feeling so hot on Monday night and even though I hate taking snow days I was praying for a snow day.  Matthew woke up super early to see if school had been canceled and it had!  He also tried to turn off my alarm without me noticing but failed since this body is used to waking up at 5:30.  He is so sweet when I'm sick.  He is definitely a care taker.  Matthew stayed home on Tuesday as well and it was nice being home with him.  Matthew worked from home some on Tuesday but other than that we didn't do anything productive.  We did go see the Dallas Stars play an awful game of hockey but we still enjoyed the game.

Same verse on Wednesday but this time Matthew was really sick and I was just sick.  Again, we didn't do anything productive except ventured out to buy a vaporizer and groceries.  Did I mention that the fire alarms went off from 12:00-1:30 in the morning?  It sucked.

Same verse on Thursday but Matthew actually went to work.  Again, I was still sick and unproductive.  The fire alarms went off again for an hour while I was trying to make the most delicious butternut squash soup ever!  Recipe will be coming soon.  I was getting sicker so I decided to call my favorite asthma doctor to schedule an appointment.  I was really excited to know that they were going to fit my in on Friday!  :)

Friday.  Same verse, except this time in snowed ALL night long and now it is 3:30 pm and the snow is still on the ground!  What's up with that?  The snow isn't supposed to stick here in this part of Texas.  For some reason, the city completely shut down.  My favorite doctor's office called this morning to let me know that they weren't going to be open and they encouraged me to go the the Emergency room if my problems don't get any better.  Matthew and I live above the Firehouse Subs and they were closed today too!  And the fire alarms went off again today and this time the sprinklers went off in a few apartments.  I watched the tenants sweep water out of their place.  I feel so bad for them.
Matthew is feeling much better but I think I'm coming down with pneumonia.  :(  Definitely not good for a person with severe asthma.  I usually end up in the hospital when I have pneumonia.

This little guy hasn't minded this week at all.  He loves to sleep and snuggle.  I know that once everything dries up he will be excited to go play at the dog park.

Anyway, this has been the most unproductive week ever.  I did do the laundry, cooked and cleaned the dishes but that's it.  I could get way ahead for school, I could do some cleaning, I could organize my school stuff, I could organize the office (again) but I haven't had the energy to do anything.  I'm ready for life to get back to normal.