Sunday, October 17, 2010

Middle Schoolers are so entertaining!

When I'm teaching it doesn't take long for me to countdown the days until Christmas Break, Spring Break, and especially Summer Break.  However, once the school year started, it didn't take long for me to miss those crazy kiddos.
This past week I went to a baby shower at the school I used to teach at.  I looked out the doors and a student I had two years ago was running towards the room with his football uniform on but no shoes.  I opened the door and holding my nose asked the kid where his shoes were.  He told me that the football team left without him and he couldn't get into the field house to get the rest of his stuff.  So me and my bestest friend (who happens to be this kids spanish teacher) had him find a janitor and told him to run and get his stuff.  In the meantime, we called the kid's coach and asked him if he knew where his only kicker was and that's when he realized that they left this kid at school.  The coach laughed.  This kid comes running down the hall without any of the stuff.  This poor 8th grader couldn't figure out how to get the door unlocked.  My friend had to walk all the way to the field house in her fancy high heels to help him out.
Before we took him to the game, we went to McDonald's to feed the poor child.  I made him order at the drive through and apparently he had never ordered food by himself before.  Angie had to keep on telling him to say please and thank you.  On our way to the game the kid asked what the coach said when we called.  Angie was going to be a lot nicer than I was and say that he was really sorry but I beat her to it.  I just told him that coach laughed and wasn't sorry.  Maybe I should work on being nicer.

Anyway, I know this story isn't entertaining to anyone but myself, the coach, and Angie.  It was hilarious.  It made my week and made me remember that this kids are crazy!  People always tell parents of toddlers and young children to write down everything they say but those middle schoolers have some funny and clever things to say as well.
I'm looking forward to teaching middle schoolers again.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sic'em Bears!

Baylor played an INCREDIBLE game today!  I'm so proud of Baylor and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the football team.  Baylor has been up at the top for almost every single sport but here in Texas, a college is noticed by their football team.  At first I wasn't going to go to the Tech and Baylor game next week but I think I might have to go.
Here's an e-mail that I received from the Baylor Proud group.:
"If you were among the thousands watching today's Baylor-Kansas football game at Floyd Casey Stadium or on national TV, then you saw one of the best shows the Bears have put on in years. Baylor beat Kansas 55-7 in front of a crowd of 35,000-plus, setting all sorts of records in the process. (See highlights from the game in the video below, then check out the pictures from Baylor Photography here.) Among the records that stand out:
* The 48-point margin of victory was Baylor's highest ever in a conference game. EVER. The previous high was 47, set against Arkansas in 1922, just the eighth year of the Southwest Conference. BU's best margin in Big 12 play was 28 (twice, both against Iowa State, in 1996 and 2008).
* The Bears' 55 points were the team's highest total ever in a Big 12 Conference game (previous mark: 49, vs. Iowa State, 1996).
* Baylor set a school record with 678 yards of total offense (previous mark: 656, vs. Lamar, 1980).
Robert Griffin III had another day to remember, throwing for a career-high 380 yards, passing for three touchdowns and running for another, and setting another Baylor record with 444 total yards. He now holds the school record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (19) and is tied for fourth in school history with 30 passing touchdowns. His 94-yard TD pass to Josh Gordon in the second quarter is the longest offensive play in school history, breaking the old record of 89 yards that was set against TCU almost 70 years ago.
At 4-1, the Bears are off to their best start since 2005 and need just two more wins to earn that much desired bowl appearance. The crowd of 35,405 -- very little of which was dressed in Kansas blue -- again looked good on TV. The average attendance this season through three games, 39,693, is on pace to break into the top 10 all-time at Baylor -- but why not shoot for the record (41,180, set in 1975)? Baylor's next home game isn't untilHomecoming (Oct. 23 vs. Kansas State), but the Bears have another key showdown next week in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech. Last I heard, Texas Tech had sold nearly twice as many tickets for that game as Baylor; let's not let the Red Raiders claim home field advantage in our backyard! Get your tickets now through
Sic 'em, Baylor football!"