Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm Calling Myself A Runner

I'm officially calling myself a runner.  6 weeks ago I signed up for the Running 101 at RunOn.  I am so thankful that I did.  I met some great people and made some friends and running buddies!  To "graduate" from our running class we ran in the Mary Kay 5k this weekend.  The weather was PERFECT.  It's finally starting to feel like fall down here.  My goal was to run the whole time and to finish between 10-11 minutes miles.  I met those goals!  I wasn't sure if I could really do it but I did.  Well, I did walk through the water stations.  My final time was 32 minutes 20 seconds and I felt pretty great after the run.  I wasn't dying for air or water.  Now that I know I can run 3.1 miles without walking and I can set new goals for myself.  That's what makes me feel like a runner.
Today, Matthew and I both signed up for the Turkey Trot classes.  He'll be training for the 5k and I'm not sure if I'll train for the 8 mile or a faster 5k.  I would like to finish a 5k in 30 minutes or less.  For the 8 mile class, they do their long runs on Sunday mornings at 6am and I'm not sure if I'm willing to commit to that right now.
I thought I would get a little skinnier with all of this running.  I lost about 5 lbs; yay!!  but my butt got bigger.  Not really the result I was looking for.  :p

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