Friday, August 12, 2011

RunOn 101

Earlier in the week I went to  RunOn to learn more about their running classes.  The woman I talked to was soooo nice and encouraging.  She's only been running for about 3 years and she started with the RunOn 101 class.  On the first night they have you run a mile and they place you in groups based on how long it takes you to complete a mile.  She was the last one to finish the mile and now she runs half marathons and is training for her first marathon.  And she has heart problems and a few other health problems.  She ensured me that everyone is encouraging and that no matter how slow you are, you are never left in the dirt all alone.  She did a good job at convincing me to join so I took a form home and talked to Matthew about it.  He told me to go for it.
Since I have heart problems, major asthma problems, passing out problems, and awful allergy problems, I had to get a written letter from my doctor for permission to join the class.  My asthma doctor is the coolest doctor in the world and really encouraged me to do the class (he did lecture me on paying special attention to pollution levels and not going outside when I really shouldn't be outside) and wants me to send him pictures on my race days.  Since I get to see this doctor every 3 months and his nurses every week, I know them pretty well.  They were all encouraging.  Hopefully they'll join with me.
I am super excited!!  We were supposed to start next Tuesday but since it's still a million degrees outside they postponed it until the next week.  Hopefully Dallas can at least be 99 instead of 109 outside.

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