Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music Therapy

This past week was an incredibly stressful week.  I feel like last Monday was two weeks ago.  For the past couple of years I haven't really learned how to manage my stress.  I know of some things that help me out but nothing is as big of a stress relief as playing the piano.  I've had my grandmother's piano ever since I moved to the area but I really haven't played it that much.  Partly because I'm spoiled and her 100 year old upright piano doesn't compare to the grand piano I have waiting for me at my parents house and I don't won't to be the loudest and most annoying neighbor in the apartment complex.  Yesterday I decided to walk across the street to visit the new piano store just to see what they have.  It turns out they sell my dream piano!  Petrofs are 100% hand made and are the only pianos that actually appreciate in value.   So you make an investment when you put down all that money for the Petrof.  One of the salesmen said that I could come in and play the pianos anytime I want, they even have a side room where they have classes, recitals, and small concerts.  He said that I was welcome to play in that room as well.  What?  OK!  So I've decided to get back to actually practicing the piano and learning new music now that I know I can walk across the street and play on the world's greatest piano.
Here is a picture of my dream piano (but the one I want is a little bigger) :)  It is waiting to be picked up by its new owners so I thought I would take a picture and text Matthew that I bought a new piano.

Matthew has been at the North Texas Irish Festival selling kilts so I've been able to practice all afternoon long with worrying about being to loud and annoying.  I busted out the old piano music and I've decided my next "big" piece to learn is Bolero by Chopin.  I'm looking forward to playing it on a  tuned piano :)

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