Monday, June 11, 2012

Not A Weekend Project

A little over a month ago Matthew and I moved into a town home.  When we first looked at the place, we knew it was pretty out of date but it wasn't that big of a deal because the rent was a decent price and the location was perfect!  The owner said we could repaint the bathrooms as long as it was a neutral color.  I took on this challenge thinking it would be good practice for when we move into a house next year.
The place was built in 1984 and still has all of the original wall paper.  The owner had the kitchen re-painted but hired super lazy people and they painted over the blue duck wall paper.  I know this because the painters missed a few parts.
Anyway, here are the pictures of the bathrooms that were going to be my first project :
The bathroom downstairs, just a toilet and a sink

The bathroom in the guest bedroom.  It isn't the best picture but you can tell that the wallpaper is straight from the 80's or early 90's :
The master:

I decided to start with the bathroom downstairs since that's what most of our guests will see.  My plan was to remove the wallpaper this weekend then apply a paint primer so that when I get back into town, I can paint it.  When you apply wallpaper, the best thing is to add some sort of paint/primer/coat to the drywall so that when you remove the paper, you don't remove the drywall.  Whoever did the wallpaper didn't do that.  That's right.  So when I was removing the wallpaper, sometimes the first layer of the wall paper came off, sometimes all of the wall paper came off, and other times, the drywall came off with the wallpaper.  Grr.  So now, we have to find a sander to sand off all of the extra paper, we have to cover the bathroom and create a ventilation system so that we don't get dust all over the place, then we have to fix the drywall, sand again, and then start to paint.  A weekend project has now turned into weeks long project.  Cool.

I don't think I'll be painting the other bathrooms, especially the master.  I'm okay with living with the outdated and ugly wall paper for a year.  

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