Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 US Open

Last Tuesday, Dad and I flew out to San Francisco to watch the US Open, a Christmas gift from Mom.

We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, walked around Fisherman's Wharf, saw Alcatraz (I didn't leave Dad there but I did think about it), saw the shrinking Sea Lion Colony, and bought Matthew way too much salt water taffy.  We spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the golf course.

Monday-Wednesday are practice rounds so you get to take your camera.  I took my little camera so the pictures didn't turn out as great.  I've been to 2 US Open's before and have literally about 500 pictures of my favorite golfers so I didn't take very many pictures this time.   There weren't a lot of people there on Wednesday and we were able to follow Tiger Woods for about 9 holes.  Even when he sucks, he's a ton of fun to watch.  He was looking really strong on Wednesday and I was hoping he would pull out a win but he choked on the weekend.  We didn't see Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, or Bubba Watson on Wednesday.  I was a little disappointed about.

Here are a few pictures I took (mostly of Tiger)

Funny Story:  Hole 8 is a Par 3.  Pictures and tv cannot to this course justice.  This was an incredibly tough layout with steep hills and very small greens.  The Right side of hole 8 is a giant hill that spectators were allowed to sit on.  A very steep hill.  It reminded me of the grassy side of the Lake Waco dam.  We loved sitting up there because of the great view and the laughs from all of the people sliding down the hill.  On Thursday, Dad and I set out or area on the hill.  I placed my chocolate chip cookie down except i didn't put it down on the side.  Instead, I accidentally put the cookie on the edge and it rolled all the way down the hill.  It went past the ropes and landed just in front of the right bunker right in front of the marshall.  When I saw the cookie roll down the hill, I started to run to catch it but quickly realized I would end up rolling with it.  I cautiously walked down the hill to grab my cookie.  I grabbed my cookie right before Ernie Els' group walked up to the green.  It was pretty funny.  I think it was a been there moment to really understand what happened.  :)

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