Saturday, November 19, 2011

Call me Martha Stewart

Today I was crafty.  All sorts of crafty (not really but that's my story).  If you know anything about me, you know that I usually hate crafts.
Today I spent the day at Christina's house to make party favors for Angie's Bachelorette party.  We're going to Painting With a Twist and then head on over to Cru Wine Bar.  There will be a lot of wine drinking that night.  We thought that the little bottles of wine would make the perfect gift.
The picture isn't perfect and only a few are completely done, but you get the idea:

Little wine bottles with their own sexy corsets!  We kept with the wedding theme of black and white but the red wine has red ribbon and the blush has pink ribbon.  The wine is Michael Buble's new wine.  Kroger had a killer deal on them.  The tag says "Thanks for the memories."
I'm proud of myself.  I think I should call Martha Stewart and let her know she has competition!  :)

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