Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Sweet Little Poem

This is probably a "been there" moment and a "you need to know Matthew first" in order to find it funny.

Next month Matthew and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! We will be going to North Carolina for a long weekend get away for our anniversary.  Tonight Matthew asked me if we should give each other gifts and what we should give.  I told him that we shouldn't do gifts since we're going on vacation and I don't have a job.  I did, however, tell him that I want a card (he has to be reminded that I'm a card person and he always forgets to buy a card) and a sweet hand written poem. Not 2 seconds later Matthew had a poem ready:

Roses are red
They don't grow well in China
I love you
So let's go to Carolina!

That's not the kind of poem I was thinking of but that's my fault; I didn't explain thoroughly and Matthew needs detailed explanations.
I don't know why but it made us laugh.  I love that my man is corny, silly, clever, and has a great sense of humor.  He's so great.  He told me that I didn't need to remind him that I want an anniversary card so we'll see if he remembers  :)

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