Friday, December 31, 2010

Texas Bowl Adventures

Wednesday Matthew dropped me off at the airport bright and early so I could go to the Texas Bowl to see my Baylor Bears win.  My friend Angie picked me up from the airport and we went straight to lunch.  When we're together, we're pretty good eaters and we always have a little something something to drink when we dine together.  We had lunch at a really yummy Italian Restaurant called Zio's.  When we arrived it was right after 11:00.  As soon as we were seated the server offered to give us samples of a new white wine, 7 Daughters.  We always take free samples!  Then he offered the bottle to us.  Usually, when people ask if we're going to have any wine its a fast reply of "Of course" but since it wasn't even noon yet we were a little hesitant, but not for long!  Being the out of control girls that we are, we decided to order a bottle.  During our three hour lunch, we happened to make great friends with our server, met the local manager, met the guy who's in charge of designing the menu (yes, Angie said she would like to see more pictures in the menu) and we also met the guy who owns all of the Zio's in Texas.  Apparently they were having a pretty important meeting.  We managed to get all of the guys to sit down with us and visit for about 15 minutes each.  I love hanging out with Angie, she makes friends where ever she goes!  On January 24th a Zio's will be opening in the DFW area.  I'm pretty excited, they had some really delicious food.
We left for Angie's parents' place and hung out with her family for a little while and then Angie, Angie's mom, and I headed for the Baylor Game.  I was pretty excited because I just knew my Bears were going to win.  When we finally arrived at the game and found our seats, the Bears were already trailing by 6 points.  The Bears never caught up.  The Bears must have been nervous because they played awful!  It was a little embarrassing.  I felt like I was at a football game from my college days when we expected them to lose.  There were a ton of Baylor fans at the game.  I'm really proud to see that many fans come out and support the Bears even though they didn't show up.  Being at the game was fun, I had a good time teaching Angie and her mom the sic'em bears, and all of the cheers.  Also, Angie and I were enterainted by the crazy man sitting across the way from us.  He was not too happy with the calls the refs were making and he let everyone around him know that he was not a happy camper.
Better luck next time Bears.
That was all we did.  Angie and I drove back to DFW the next morning.  I really miss seeing Angie 5 days a week.  We still talk just about everyday but it isn't the same as seeing each other.  It was great to spend that much time with her.

Crazy Guy from the Baylor Game.  I love his wife's BU socks  :)  I'm sorry the picture isn't the best

Good Bye Houston!  See you next time!  I love this statue  :)

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