Thursday, September 30, 2010

Modern Family

I absolutely love this show!  It is hilarious and I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to someone in the family.  

Favorites from yesterday's show:
At the beginning Claire is trying to find lids to match all of the containers.  Phil, the witty husband, says, "He blew his lid when she tried to contain him"  Of course he thought it was funny but the "mommers" didn't.
Cam and Mitchell are arguing about kiss worthy moments.  Cam says, You don't like kiss buggy?
Haley convincing Alex that she's a lesbian because she hasn't kissed a boy yet and she wears the not so girly sandals.

I love this show.  I look forward to watching it everyday.  On Wednesday's you can guarantee that I will be laughing non stop between 8-8:30

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